How can I sell my house quickly?

If you need to sell your house in a hurry we have the cash available right now to buy your house. We don't have to go through a bank which speeds up the process.

How long will it take you to buy my house?

We can buy your house in as little as 7 days if necessary. We schedule a closing according to your time frame; meaning that we can buy your house very fast, or we can extend it to 1, 2, 3, or 5 months. We will accommodate whatever time frame you have.

What exactly is the process?

Once you contact us, we will reach out to you to get some details of your property like address, if there are any loan balances, liens or judgments on the property, if you’re behind on your payments and if so, by how much, overall condition, or any other pertinent information. When we have this information, we will then do some more research on the property and surrounding area. We will then reach out to you with an offer within a few days!

Are there any fees or obligations?

No! There are never any fees or obligations. We don’t charge you for the research we do on your property, and you are not obligated to accept our offer. The only time money changes hands is when we buy your house! We also keep all of your information strictly confidential.

Why do people sell you their house?

People sell their house for many different reasons. They may be moving to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller one. Or maybe they're just taking advantage of a job opportunity and must move. There are also reasons like divorce, job loss, getting behind on payments, health problems, or perhaps tired of being a landlord.

Does my property have to be in excellent condition for you to buy it?

No it doesn't. We buy houses in any condition and any size.

Who are Illini Home Buyers?

Great question! Illini Home Buyers is a local, family-owned real estate investment firm in Central Illinois. Our goal is to help people find solutions to their challenging real estate problems.